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The latest diet trend in Japan these days is the so-called Morning Banana Diet.I have not done the diet perfectly but I have eaten a banana and water at least 45 of the days.

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Anyways, my quality of life has improved even if it is just a fad diet.

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Back in 2008, there was a simple diet that swept through Japan.

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Or, as I view it, turn off the insulin machine for long periods of time.Having tried it myself I found I was too hungry allot of the time and so I made some modifications to it which works better for the bigger western chap like me.Not sure if this has been covered, but a doctor once told my grandmother she was eating too many bananas (she had dementia and was not realizing how many she was eating during the day).I have been seeing a lot of info today on something called the morning banana diet.

The diet, popularly known again as Morning Banana Diet, requires anybody who wants to lose weight to eat only bananas in the morning together with room-temperature water.I tried this (minus the banana) once over a fairly sedentary 2 month period, and lost about 10 lbs.After college I got a job on 2nd shift again, same thing lose weight- feel great.For breakfast, you should eat one or more bananas and drink a glass of lukewarm water.Then the next morn I weighed my self and I counted calories all that day, did the same for one more day-got on the scales and lost almost 5 lbs.I want to wait until saturday to find out the real loss since saturday wil be a week for me.

If you eat a banana every morning and then lose ten pounds in a week, the best that this diet does not require any special effort, nor any specific changes in.

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Morning Faces Therapy For Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Resources.They say you can eat anything you want for the other two meals, just banana and water in the morning.On a similar note, I started eating no breakfast and low (or slow) carb for dinner to include a fasting period in my day.

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This morning banana diet and regimen does not need any special effort from your part or any other dietary changes that are extremely severe.Avoid ice cream and other dairy products, as well as dessert after dinnerOne other rule of the diet is that you must go to bed before midnight each and every night.Today I decided to do a morning banana diet and had four medium-sized bananas at breakfast.

Eat a banana every morning and lose about 10 pounds within a week, and what is best, the morning banana diet regimen does not need any special effort nor some.

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The rules of the Morning Banana Diet are the following: The breakfast is only a banana and water.Morning banana diet is simple: The only condition is that for breakfast you should eat only a banana and drink only water at room temperature.The banana diet, also known as The Morning Banana Diet, has become so popular in Japan that the fad has actually caused a nationwide banana shortage.Morning banana diet is characterized by the fact that the breakfast consists of a banana and warm water, and the forbidden foods are dairy products and alcohol.

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The Morning Banana Diet or the Bananas for Breakfast Diet was developed by Japanese pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe.Tulsa, OK, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Japanese-based Morning Banana Diet is taking the diet world by storm with its claims of fast weight loss. Bananas.The morning banana diet that many people are raving originated in Japan.The morning banana diet is very efficient as it exploits the nutritive properties of this underrated fruit.This diet was developed by Hitoshi Watanabe who has studied preventative medicine and his wife Sumiko, pharmacist by profession.Sometimes I get hungry between breakfast and dinner, but I saw a site that said to also eat a handful of nuts.You probably heard that bananas are one of those fruits you should avoid at all costs if you want to lose weight because are high in sugar.