Maltitol is a sugar alcohol and disaccharide often used as a sugar substitute because it is nearly as sweet but has fewer calories.This is an unbiased overview of the alternative sweetener Maltitol.It may initially seem confusing to have all these sugar alcohols and glycemic values to remember — especially since so many food manufacturers liken all of them to having a minimal effect.

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Maltitol, Wholesale Various High Quality Maltitol Products from Global Maltitol Suppliers and Maltitol Factory,Importer,Exporter at (CV) rats were given a single oral dose of 1 or 2 g maltitol.I originally started the diet (no sugar, wheat, corn or dairy, except for plain yogurt in the morning) due to the yeast, but found it also resolved my blood sugar problems due to being hypoglycemic.Maltitol syrup is a low-carbohydrate sweetener made from maltitol, a sugar alcohol.

It is really good and can be used in everything you would use sugar in (baking, drinks, sauces, etc. etc.). I have been using it for over a year now.My doctor suggested that it was either a food alergy or something in my laundry detergent or dryer sheets (contact dermatitis).To find out, I searched for the glycemic values for various sugar alcohols.My stomach has rumbled for the week I have been eating these things, so I started to get concerned about some sort of stomach complication.With a taste almost identical to sugar, but with many fewer calories, maltitol can be used for.

It will be interesting to see if it completely subsides after more time being malitol-free.To a lesser degree, when I chew too much gum containing sorbitol and mannitol (like Trident or Orbit) in a short time period, I get bad gas that can last a whole day.

These chemicals should be boldly marked on whatever food that contain them.The question is, to what extent should maltitol be considered a carbohydrate.Well, I found some sugar free and thought I would give them a try.

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In addition to the usual white-flour-to-soy-flour conversion.

It has a pleasant sweet taste--remarkably similar to sucrose.Maltitol Syrup, Wholesale Various High Quality Maltitol Syrup Products from Global Maltitol Syrup Suppliers and Maltitol Syrup Factory,Importer,Exporter at bought a pound 3 years ago and cannot remember why I used it only once.My abdomen feels like it has been ripped open and trampled on after (ok greedily) consuming a packet of sugar free double d boiled sweets (Australian sugar free product) yesterday, and I am now 30hrs later just starting to feel normal.I just spent 8 hours in the emergency room yesterday due to diarrhea so bad it caused bleeding.

Maltitol is an artificially produced sweetener that is a member of the sugar alcohol family.Well, with 55% maltitol syrup I was in for one embarrassing day.Most sugar free sweeteners have an unpleasant after taste, but.Just because fatty patty had some diarrhea after eating 5 pounds of sugar free chocolate, doesnt mean maltitol is bad.I thought I was doing good making them last, eating approximately 6 at a.

I have started getting the most uncomfortable itchy rash and have been analysing my food and drink intake to find the cause.He gave me a shot of cortisone and prescription for prednisone and allergra.I am sitting here in the worst pain from horrible gas and cramping.Personally, i swear by erythritol, but cannot find many low carb products that actually contain that, without that damn maltitol.Curious we looked at the ingredients and found malitol and sorbitol and a little description and warning for people with diabetes.Obviously, Maltitol raises my blood sugar equal to glucose and is in no way a good choice for a diabetic (or anyone desiring to avoid high spikes in blood insulin levels).

I may try the chocoperfection bars recommended on here, I found there website just by doing a quick search.Effects of oral administration of maltitol on plasma glucose, plasma sorbitol, and serum insulin levels in man.The starch-based disaccharide polyol, known as a sugar alcohol, contains two.Sure wish there were more sugar free products with other calorie-free options much easier on the innards.

I ate like ten pieces and sat down to lay down, thats when I felt the sharp severe pain come in waves of pain ten seconds apart and with each passing time it grew more violent.Maltitol is only partially absorbed by the body, and it is only partly metabolized.

Maltitol is a polyol, a sugar substitute with similar bulk, texture and preservative benefits of sucrose.

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I have been eating sugar free candy every day for six months.The question is not, how fast does maltitol spike blood sugar.

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